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What a day! So, this day was started with Journal lesson. It is very lovely, 'cause I could see my boy! Actually, he is not my boy. But I liked him sooomuchyy:* Loveeyaa!

And then, after that, it was 'PKN' lesson. And we are having a test! Whatthe!? Well, I don't want to make a bad score. So, I study hard for this. When I see my teacher is walking, I'm so nervous. OmyGod I really really want this so bad. I know I can be the best! I'm sure! Hearing the questions wasn't so hard for me. Actually, I don't know just 3 number. Well, 3 is a small thing for you but not for me. Maybe that means I could get around 8-8,5 about this test. I wasn't so sure about that. But, the thing is that test is EASY! Yeaaa!

And then here goes the RECESS! I always love this part. Who doesn't? Actually I'm not so hungry, but I remember that I need food. I haven't breakfast yet also. Playing with my friends is so lovely! But, one of my friends got problem. It was only about seat places. Yeah, confusing. But, it is not the point. The point is, the leader of the class has been incited by the enemies. Well, I can't say it's my enemies, it's my friend's enemies.

And then the math lesson. It was so boring, the teacher gives us some quiz, and we have to solved it out. Well, I'm not the one who's smart at math so, I'm out. I don't love these kinds of quiz. And the teacher distributed the test, I got a very very very bad score. I hated it. I don't understand the thing that he's telling!

And finally, RELIGION CLASS! I really love this class, it was so awesome! Our task is to perform our drama. I'm not sure if I can get a high score for this, but I'm the expert actually. But I don't make this drama, my friend made it.

And for extracurricullar, it's kinda boring and dissapointing. Because, I have tried my best to make yells, but I don't win. Maybe, it is my fault too. If I made it yesterday, it would be better. But SOMEONE's group always won this kind of competition, and I know it. She also deserves this.

It's been a day! And tiring day, and sad day, and nervous day, and dissapointing day :(

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