How To Have A Lot Of Good Fonts!

Heyo guys!
As you know, we can have a lot of great fonts. And maybe you want to check out some here. But yes, we can download them, but how to input them to Microsoft Word and anything else? Here's how!

1. you have to open Kevin and Amanda's site. Not only font's there are lots of recipes too.
2. Click the 'Free Fonts!'

and then you'll find something like this

3. Click one of them, for example : Fonts for Peas
4. After you click, you'll find something like this :

5. If you want to download it one by one, you can click one of it.

6. after it downloaded, you gotta extract it.
you'll find something like this :

so, you click the (C:) part

after you click windows, you have to click 'Fonts'

after that, you click 'OK'

And.... VOILA! It's done!

But, I WANT TO DOWNLOAD A LOT! How to download a lot of them, or ALL of them?
No worries!
You just have to click the 'Download New' button on the site.

after that you'll find something like this :

and after that you'll just have to do the same with above ones ;)


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