Oh my oh my!

I hate when my home make a lot of noise! Well, accept for a party. But really, I hate when there are lots of kids hanging around my house and make noise! Especially when they touch my stuff!

So the point is, my cousins come today. Not only my cousins, also their mommy. They stay here for a while, and it makes me crazy! First, the baby. Ohmygoat he's so naughty! He touched everything around him and messed it up! He pee everywhere, and when my aunty hitted him, he cry as loud as he can! OHMY! It's like I wanted to go down and hit him as hard as I can! Shut his mouth up, and throw him somewhere!

And the second is, the three-year-old-monster. I don't know where he comes from, I don't know why he touched everything. EVERYTHING! Like the chairs, the tv, display, and everything. He plays the rice, throw it everywhere. And I wonder, how could face him? Everyday around him, would be hell.


  1. Oh my god :D You just 13 :D How cute :)

    totally agree, I just hate it if it's a lot of noises! :D but don't get mad. they are just a kid,:)